1Because there are a wide range of illustration styles to choose from – it’s important to communicate clearly what direction the project should take. Your audience, brand values, budget, how the illustration will be utilised, even personal taste will all have a bearing on what is required.

The following list will give you an idea of the questions we will need to answer:

• What do you want to achieve with the illustration?

• Who is the audience? • What style of illustration is required?

• How will it be reproduced or distributed ie. printed, website, posters?

• Will it be Colour or Black & White?

• Is there existing collateral or brand colours the illustration needs to work with?

• Are there specific brand values that should be considered?

• What format should the final artwork be supplied in ie. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop?

• What is the budget for the illustration? • What is the deadline?


Here are a range of styles I’ve sketched up to help you confirm the style of illustration required.